My Most Embarrassing Moment With Eba and Egusi soup.

My Most Embarrassing Moment With Eba and Egusi soup.
Eba and Egusi Soup

It was my first time outside Ibadan, or let’s say my first time of traveling alone outside the south western part of Nigeria. It was time for me to write my Post UTME at the University of Benin, I left home with all the excitement and eager to see how Benin looked like, I was filled with lots of thoughts then, I also made up my mind to make the best use of my time outside home. So my journey began. From Ibadan, to Ijebu Ode, through Ore in ondo state and then Benin.

When I saw the big bold sign board with the large Inscription welcome to Benin, I immediately developed cold feet, I could not wait to come down from the bus and take a voyage around the ancient city I have always wanted to be in. Did I tell you I also had an exam to write at Delta state university Abraka? Oh sorry my bad.

When I left home, my intention was to kill two birds with one stone, write the POST UTME at the Delta state University, Abraka and also write the one of University of Benin, which meant that I was going to spend a longer time outside home, it was an experience I had craved for and I wanted to enjoyed every bit of it.

I got to Benin on that rainy Friday, I was to stay with brother saidi, a police officer who works at Ekpoma but stays in Benin, unfortunately for me when I got to his house he was not at home, but he already dropped his keys with his landlady so that I would be able to access the room. Since I was drenched in the rain, I didn’t waste time changing my cloths.

I was hungry and didn’t even know what to eat and where to eat. Checked his room and there was nothing that could satisfy my hunger. His plates and the pots were so clean that it seemed like something that has not been used in ages. The butter that would have served as a consolation with bread was already infested with ants.

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Then it was a miserable beginning for me, I was tired already, at that point I began to miss the delicious food of my mum, her soups and the comfort that came with it, notwithstanding all that thought. I picked up a broom swept the room and began to clean the already dirty and unkempt room, it was clear and obvious that brother Saidi never stayed in the room, he most times stays with aunty kike his girlfriend and only comes home when they had misunderstanding.

 Did I mention that brother saidi was also a part time student at the University of Benin?

He was studying a political science and public administration. To cut the long story short, I spent my first night in Benin settling down for roasted corn! That was the only thing I could get.

I finally came back from the Delta state university Abraka where I wrote my Post UTME exam, my experience there is something I would share with you soon. There I was exposed to another kind of lifestyle, I met Ehis during my stay in the hostel I lodge in at Abraka, we became close and our relationship also continued in Benin. Ehis made my stay in uniben a very interesting one, his dad operated the Doctors Canteen beside the University Of Teaching Hospital (UBTH) so eating then for me was no longer a big deal. If I wanted food, I visited the canteen for free food. That helped me save money.

The night we got back from Abraka, I stayed with Ehis since brother saidi was not back from Ekpoma.  Ehis introduced me to another kind of lifestyle totally, different from where I was coming from. The first night I spent at his place was the first night I experienced what a night club looked like. We got to Benin that day and I hurriedly went home change my cloths and proceeded to the canteen to eat and afterwards, we set out for the club! Then I was faced with scenes I always watched in the movies, half naked girls calling for my attention.

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They were like fine boys make una come na

Ehis approached one of them and whispered something into her ear, then came back to meet me where I was waiting for him. Then we got a seat and he ordered for a bottled of Gulder for himself. Then asked me what I wanted, then I ordered for a bottle Star beer. My dad has always loved taking Star but I have never tasted it before, so this time I set out to have a taste of what it was like. They brought the bottles of what we ordered for and that point the lady my friend whispered to came along and said, oya make we go. What’s in your mind?

We came back from the club that night and it was time for us to get something to eat Ehis went into the canteen kitchen and came out with a bowl of Eba and Well armed Egusi soup. It was my first time I would be eating Eba and Egusi away from home, so the feeling was a mixed one.

We settled down to business of demolishing what has been placed in front of us, I was supposedly waiting for the bowl of water with which to wash my hands with, but my friend had other plans, he brought out the fork and knife, The question that came to my mind then was how on earth does this guy expect me to use fork and knife to eat a well prepared Eba and soup, what then will I use my hands for? Well I waited for him to start eating so that he could lead the way. There was no time in my life I ever imagined I would be in such a state of confusion as to what I would use to eat Eba.

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Well after some few minutes of pretentious prayer, I summoned courage picked up my fork and knife but didn’t know what to do with it or where to start from, so I dropped the knife and used the fork alone instead, I was not comfortable with it though but I had a sense of relieve. At least I am eating now.

Some ladies walked in requested for pounded yam with Egusi soup, I am very sure that canteen has a specialty for preparing Egusi soup. As soon as they were presented with their fork and knife, both of them requested that the waiter gave them a bowl of water to wash their hands. At that point I felt disappointed with myself.  Then I asked myself, if these sophisticated ladies with all their dressing and packaging could request for a bowl of water to wash their hands and settle down to a bowl of Eba and Egusi soup, then why can’t I? Then I realize how careless I was in not asking for a bowl of water. A mistake I will never repeat again. 

How do you people survive eating Eba and Egusi soup with fork and knife?

please Share your thought.

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