EXCLUSIVE: I Married My Wife When I Was Jobless In 2015. Now…

EXCLUSIVE: I Married My Wife When I Was Jobless In 2015. Now...
Matthew Segun, Olabboode

In my normal inquisitive nature, i met Matthew Segun, OLABODE  we had a chat about something that caught my attention. His marriage! i would not want to write an epistle concerning it, i believe my interview  with him will do justice to that. Let me quickly mention that there is no perfect template on how your marriage goes or who you marry, what works for MR. A might not work for MR. B, but in all, there are things we must consider when choosing a partner in life, especially in a world with a lot of fake people, Mr Matthew shares his story with me  i hope  you enjoy and also learn from it. 

I was deeply touched when i saw your  status on your marriage, I don’t know if you mind sharing with me.

Especially with the kind of youths we have today and their disposition towards marriage. I know they will learn something from it.

Laughs… I might not be able to really go into details, but I will try.

I am a Journalist. I Graduated from Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta back in 2009.

One thing I keep telling people is ‘make sure you marry someone that wants to marry you’. Don’t marry someone you like to marry, but you don’t know if he/she wants to marry you as well.

How did you start your relationship?

We met via a Friend’s post on Facebook, May 2015.


When we met I was jobless, as in jobless, but I took the risk of asking her out and my thought was that the worst response will be a NO from her. But, all along she told me frankly that she’s not for just a relationship and having sex but she wants marriage. She asked that  we go pray about it.  went and it was positive.

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We started dating, just a month to our wedding in December, 2015 I got a job around Allen, while I live at Giwa Oke-Aro axis earning 25,000 naira, we got married in December the same year we met, no time to check time. I am also  a single Father of a 9 year old Son when we met, I told her, but she’s not bothered.

Did you ever at Any point planned you were going to start life from such an amount of income?

 No, I have never planned it that way, she insisted we move on even if I had nothing. This is one of the reasons I said you should marry someone that wants to marry you.. After the wedding, along the line the company I was working with collapsed and I was just hustling for like a year, helping people register their companies and business names, (which I still do till today). But, today I give glory to God for where I am presently, courtesy my Lovely Wife. 

At that point when you met her, does she have a job and was she supporting you in any way?

Yes. She works with an NGO. But, in all of these, I made sure I was the provider of food stuffs every month, even when I was jobless…

How was her relationship like without your Nine year old son?

No big deal concerning my relationship with her and my Son. We are all fine. He lives with her Mother’s Elder Brother at the moment.

I would also want to know some qualities you wife has that differentiates her from some contemporary Nigeria ladies?

The qualities she possess are very rare. She’s not a demanding type, I mean Come and give me money type of a Lady. She’s contented. All I need from a Lady, physically, spiritually etc she possess that them as well.

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Looking at all what you have said, you are a definition of a real hustler

Lol.  I am, and still hustling oooo. I never thought I would get married that year, but when it’s your time, Heaven will be opened. If not for her encouragement I might still be a single Father till today at age 38. God be blessed…

What do you have to tell Nigerian guys who are still trying to find their feet on who to marry especially those considering their level of income?

Look for that Woman that will see you as an asset not as a source of income. Don’t marry because of the beauty alone, with time it fades, go spiritual before you decide to marry a lady. At least what i cannot afford then i can afford now.

And to the ladies who feels a man must have something reasonable?

Matthew Segun, OLABODE

This was the cake I sent to her office on her birthday, it was a surprise package. I have never bought her any gift on her birthday since we met, but this year things changed.

Our choices differs, I won’t say it’s bad for them to wait for that very rich  Man, but be very sure he wants to marry you because he loves you…

You mean you never bought her a gift since you met? Interesting

Yes, not even one gift at that, but now gifts are pouring in

This seem to be rare in society.

It might be so rare, but it’s possibly happening. “Once I hammer like this, na to buy my Wife a Jeep oooo!”.   My first car will be bought in her name. That’s the promise between me and my God. I pray God provides for me up to that extent very soon… Amen!!!…

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One of the great factors that causes divorce in today’s world is our attitude after marriage, has anything changed about her since 2015? In terms of her attitude, Or she has remained true to her nature when you met?

Change is constant and dynamic in this life. She’s still in my house, with the same attitude as i married her, through the times of trial  so she’s still there today. No negative changes, but positive changes at that.

Have you told her the promise yet?

No, I have not. I won’t until it becomes a reality oooo.

How would you describe your wedding day?

Unbelievably fantastic. We only had a traditional wedding. And that’s all.


So what do you do at the moment?

I do business. PAGA. Help people register companies and business names with CAC.

Thank you a lot for sharing this with me. Your love story is inspirational, hopefully many young people will learn from it.

You welcome

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