SEGA L’eveileur: The Voice Of The Future.

They should continue spreading lies while I face them with the truth about who they really are. The Truth is my greatest weapon. I have no cause to lie to any soul.

SEGA L’eveileur: The Voice Of The Future.

Call him a fighter, a crusader, a human right activist, a philanthropist and you will never be wrong. while some people call him the Boss , a unicorn amongst men ,a rare gem, articulate and selfless, truly you are God’s given gift to this generation, i call him the a Phenomenon. Segun Awosanya is known to have championed the #endsars #endpolicebrutality on twitter and mobilized the social media world against the police brutality in Nigeria. He has been speaking out for the masses especially the young ones. His followers will admit that he has  been doing this even before Jonathan’s administration and he is doing it during the Buhari era, our prayer is that he continues doing them even after Buhari is long gone.

Segalink as he popularly called believes that for things to get better we must do it collectively. He has used his social media handle to save people who are oppressed, help those in need and Liberate some in captivity of the state, though this feat was made possible with the help of his followers. Even in the face of distraction and blackmail segalink keeps doing what he knows how to do best. MOBILIZE AGAINST INJUSTICE! God has really been helping a man who believes we all have to be our brother’s keeper.  one of his Followers on twitter simply describes him  thus:

@segalink I want u to know….you are simply a meaning to life to many especially youth who were not fortunate enough to see the strides of legends like chief Gani Fawenhimi, Fela Anikulapo etc you are a brand now beyond any class of the current crop of leaders you are almost the flame of HOPE

The social media personality of the year believes that we  can live in a world where respect for each other is seen as a core value of human existence, he believes that ‘True leaders think of the legacy they hope to bequeath to the coming generation, while oppressors and self aggrandizers only think about perpetuating themselves in power as possessed by avarice. Life is more than controlling and subjugating others. It is more about equity”.

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Segun Awosanya does not support exploitation in any form either is in support of any kind of molestation, he believes that all sexes must be treated with respect and equally to in spite of our individual difference, a strongly opinionated man whose opinion can never be daunted even in the face of oppression and criticism. who will not love a man like that.

I have not been following long enough to know that Nigerian youths love and respect him, they value his contribution to issues on national development. If Nigeria is to move forward as a state, people like sega (although few) should be brought into the scheme of things. who will not want to have a champion of human values run affairs of the state.

Is SEGA perfect? of course not! not many people will agree with his point of view especially if it contradicts their beliefs and values. We live in a greatly tribalized society, a society where tribal sentiments and emotion have taken our values away, but in all people like sega will stand the test of time. 

Continue doing you good works SEGA, Nigerian youths are in support of you, we can only thank God for your life. God alone will bless you for everything you have done.

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