When Things Become Difficult as A Nigerian, What Do You Do?

When Things Become Difficult as A Nigerian, What Do You Do?

Times are hard! Times are hard!!Times are hard!!!

This is the popular slogan many people are currently singing, taking Nigeria into perspective, you will realize that a lot of people  find it difficult having three square meals in a day, a lot of Nigerians are just surviving, things have been so hard that some youths on social Media have resulted to begging popular celebrities, a lot of young people are out of jobs, some even have their parents their out of Jobs too. While some have benefited a lot from the current political dispensation, most have been largely affected by the economic policies of the current political dispensation considering the high rate of suicide that been committed in the country (please note that we are taking statics in into play here). Times are really hard for most Nigerians.

According to spectator index published by the world health organization, Nigeria is ranked the 5th highest rate of suicide in the world, how can this be curbed? I have written out things you can do when things become difficult. Please read and share.

BELIEVE. If you don’t believe in yourself, who will? This is the question I ask myself sometimes, our leaders have failed us; it is my responsibility to life myself up and move on. The country will live does not inspire its youth. To survive this present situation we find ourselves, we just need to believe that our tomorrow is greater than today, so we must do everything to stay alive.

ENDURE. Endurance is the key to living a successful life, our ability to withstand hardship or adversity without giving way makes us stronger and better. The beginning of a race is not as important as the end, a lot of us are not living our desired life, we are just surviving with the hope that things will be better someday. We have keep that up.

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KEEP YOUR MIND WORKING. A dead mind implies a dead destiny, and may probably lead to attempted suicide, when the mind is dead, then there is no need for physical existence. Our mind is the gate way to our living a desired life, so if we kill it, we kill ourselves.

LEARN SOMETHING NEW. Keeping your mind working involves also learning something new, learn something you have always wanted to do. Our youths have been called lazy, but I strongly believe that we are hard working and we can out our minds to anything we set to achieve.

SOMETHING NO MATTER HOW SMALL. Have you ever rejected a job offer because the pay is very small or you can’t cope with the stress of the job? Then you have to reconsider your position, your little income no matter how small can take your mind off negative thinking, like the saying goes “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop” when you keep your body and mind occupied with the hope of better tomorrow, then you have started living a life that will definitely get you to your destination. Regardless of the situation we find ourselves in this country, things will definitely get better.

P. U. S. H. After you have done all these then you have to pray until something happens, you just have to pray your way out. A prayerless man is a powerless man. With GOD all things are possible.



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