Reno Omokri Is At It Again! Most Ladies Will Not Like What He Said This time

Reno Omokri Is at it Again! Most Ladies Will Not Like What He Said This time
Reno Omokri

My oga Reno is  at it again! This time with his nuggets that will get you on your toes and make you want to go for the best out of life. From relationship, to inspiration and lots More, Reno has delivered millions of youths all over the world through his writings. This time i am bringing to you a collection of another of his tweets that will send you to the apostolic work of responsibility. Don’t let me talk too much, see what he has to tell you. please open your mind and receive freely from Reno.

Dear boyfriend

The ONLY thing you owe your girlfriend is courtesy. You dont owe it to her to foot her bills. Free yourself from that mentality. If you want to look after a woman, go look after your mother. If your girlfriend needs looking after, let her get a job

Dear husband

Take care of your wife and your wife will take care of your life. A well loved wife leads to a well loved life. The more affection you give your wife, the more satisfaction you get in life.Making your wife happy is therapy for your own life’s happiness

Because an eagle has good vision it flies higher than other birds. Everybody can see, but you need vision to soar above! When people question your vision, don’t explain it to them. Just succeed at it. Success doesn’t need explanation. It is a universal language

You purpose and character are what you are. Your skill is what you can do. Know the difference. Your character is more important than your skill. If skill takes you to a height and you do not develop your character to match that height, you will come crashing down!

Marrying a woman who considers beauty as her greatest asset is unwise. A wiseman will never be tied to an asset that diminishes with age. Wise men marry women whose greatest asset is their character because the value of character increases with age and never reduces

Don’t have children just because you have a wife. Instead, have children because you can give them a good life. Many of the world’s problems are caused by those who have quantity children. Many of the world’s problems are solved by those who have quality children

A successful marriage is more profitable than a successful wedding. The number one reason for divorce is money problems. Therefore, dont go into debt to have a big society wedding. A registry wedding that leaves you with enough money to enjoy marriage life is better

Dear men,

In life, a woman that you can rely on is worth 1000 times more than a woman that you can lie on. So when searching for a wife, look at her reliance value, not her value in the bedroom. Reliability is the bedrock of marriage. Don’t marry a liability

Men with side chicks are often too busy to have side businesses. Men with side businesses are often too busy to have side chicks. If you’re a wise woman, rather than nag your husband, encourage him to get a side business. It’s the best insurance for your marriage

When you succeed in life, the first thing you should do is light the fire of your family and friends, so that if or when your own fire goes out, they also can return the favour and light your fire back, or there will be a great darkness when your light goes out

Dear Boyfriend, The money you spend on a girlfriend has no spiritual value to bless you. But if even you give your mother a cup of water when she is thirsty, that gift has spiritual implications that affect your material prosperity. Focus on your mum till you marry

Dear women When you know a man already has kids from multiple women, why open your legs for him to add you to the long list of women? You‘re not only creating trouble for yourself in future, you are also reserving big trouble for the children you will have with him

Dear men,

Roses are the most beautiful flowers. As beautiful as they are, you cant find roses without thorns. God is teaching you that beauty comes with its own issues. Even the most beautiful woman will still have issues. Learn to accept the beauty with the issues

Dear men,

Only one thing can turn your body odour to pleasant odour, and your dry jokes to funny jokes and your bad looks to handsomeness and your obnoxiousness to attractiveness. That thing is BIG SUCCESS. When you succeed big time, even your big sins are forgiven

There are many things boyfriends and girlfriends can bring to the relationship table. Looks, sex and slaying are not some of those things. If that is all your boyfriend or girlfriend brings to the table, then you are dating a liability not an asset. You better reset

Dear men , the world’s richest African, is only now looking for a wife. Learn from him. Dont start out looking for a wife. Start out looking for success. If you find it, your eligibility for marriage alone will be bigger news than a celebrity’s wedding

I want to strongly believe that you have learnt from this just the way i have learnt too,  putting these things into practice will definitely guarantee a good and fulfilled life.

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Thanks for reading this, hope to see you again next time.

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