The void YOU left

The void YOU left

When you left me, you left a big hole in my heart.
Sometimes I wondered how I have been able to cope with your absence.
I wondered how I have been able to cope without your voice speaking to me through the phone.

I wondered how I have been able to cope with our disagreement.
Our love was more than that of a child to a mother; it was godly, eternal and unending.
You were there to listen to me; you gave me love when I cry to you with my worries.
Your love is one I always wished for, it can’t be measured.

Mummy,You never allowed me go broken financially, spiritually and physically.
Many times over, I still carry the pain, it still affects me and somehow I try to deal with it but I wonder if I am really doing that.

The agony and loneliness I feel with your absence is not quantifiable.
your love is the purest form of love.
life has been unfair, sincerely i wish i could have you around again.
27th of May every year will ever remain memorable in my life, that was the date that took away my priceless jewel.

I know you are with the saints of heaven because you were one while on earth, it still pains me that i was not with you when you slept.

sleep on forever mummy, Continue to rest in peace. I love you.


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