21 Quotes From Reno Omokri That Will Make you Think Deeply About Your Life

21 Quotes From Reno Omokri That Will Make you Think Deeply About Your Life
Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri is the Bestselling author of Facts Versus Fiction: The True Story of the Jonathan Years. Recently honored with the title CROBF-Certified Ruffler of Buhari’s Feathers, Reno Omokri is someone i have followed over the years and some whose nuggets provokes great thought. I have compiled 21 great quotes from him that will make you  think deeply about life, marriage, finance, and your relationship with people.

  1. Being a baby mama is not a job or a career. It is a conscious choice. If you want money to look after yourself, go and get a job. Don’t go and get pregnant. Bringing a baby into this world without a marriage, a stable home and a stable income is a wicked thing to do #RenosNuggets

2. Dear men,

Before you rush and marry a woman because she is beautiful, remember that while you may be able to sleep with her beauty body, you will have to live with her character and personality. Living is 99%. Sex is 1%. Will you marry for 1% or for 100%? #RenosNuggets

3. Good looks may open more legs for you than good manners, but good manners will always open more doors for you than good looks. In life, it is better for you to open doors of opportunity than for you to open legs for importunity. You can buy sex. You can’t buy favour #RenosNuggets

4. Be opportunistic when making friends. There is no shame in it. Opportunity was created to be exploited. Seek friends who are better educated, experienced and more successful than you. Gradually acquire their good habits and soon you will clique jump to their level #RenosNuggets

5. Read good books if you want to have a decent life, because the more you work your head, the less you work your body. The less you work your head, the more you work your body. You can’t lead if you don’t read. Start with your daily read and your daily bread will come #RenosNuggets

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6. Living like a big boy, without a big boy’s business or salary is a recipe for big trouble. Don’t live a champagne lifestyle on a beer salary. It is the reason you are broke. You spend too much trying to look rich. As a result, you never actually become rich #RenosNuggets

7. Control what comes out of your mouth and you control what becomes of your life. Your words, and your words only, conceive, gestate and give birth to your reality. Realise this and become careful to speak good things about you even when bad things surround you #RenosNuggets

8. Dear men

Don’t use the intelligence, drive and passion God gave you to chase women. If you do, you are abusing your talents. God gave you gifts to enable you chase and catch success. Fulfilment and the woman of your dream are waiting for you when you catch success #RenosNuggets

9. Dear men,

You can upgrade to a new car, new clothes, new house and a more financially rewarding job or business, but never upgrade to a new wife. If you expect God to be faithful to His promises to you, then you too must be faithful to your promises to your wife #RenosNuggets

10. Don’t reject the truth about yourself just because it comes from an enemy. Truth is bitter. It will hurt. But don’t consider truth as an insult. If the truth about yourself is insulting to you, then you have been the one insulting yourself #RenosNuggets

11. Don’t spend your health to get wealth because you can’t use wealth to buy it back. Instead, spend your wisdom to get wealth. It is nice to buy designers but niceness does not lead to wealth. It is wise to build investments and such wisdom leads to wealth #RenosNuggets

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12. Use today wisely and you won’t regret tomorrow bitterly. Everyone has the same 24 hours. But not everyone invests their 24 hours. Some spend it by enjoying themselves. Others invest it by enduring today so they can enjoy tomorrow #RenosNuggets

13. Never allow bitter people make you lose your sweetness. Instead, work towards letting your sweetness make bitter people lose their bitterness. If they add more coffee to your cup of life, respond by adding more sugar to your cup of life as well as to their own cup #RenosNuggets

14. Some are in love but are not together. Others are together but are not in love. You are together and are in love. So appreciate the God that made this possible instead of complaining about the little faults of the one you are in love with #RenosNuggets

15. As long as you‘re not empty minded, you wont be empty handed. The fuller your mind, the fuller your hand. Wealth comes from your mind. Read books. Dont waste your precious time watching TV. TV is just a means to keep you occupied while advertisers sell you products #RenosNuggets

16. In football game, it is not the team with the most tackles that wins. It is the team with the most goals. So even if your haters tackle you with all the hateful weapons at their disposal, you will continue to beat them again and again as long as you score goals #RenosNuggets

17. When people don’t understand you, instead of raising the volume of your voice, why not try raising the level of your explanation? The challenge you face with those who don’t understand you is a challenge of comprehension, not a challenge of hearing #RenosNuggets

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18. You can find a successful man with no friends, but it’s impossible to find one with no enemies. This is because enemies are conducive to success. Love your enemies. They provide motivation to succeed. Your friends can tolerate your failure, but your enemies can’t #RenosNuggets

19. Dear men,

Tell your wife she is beautiful even if she is not, and she will start to look beautiful. Tell your wife she is ugly and even if she is beautiful, she will start to look ugly. Just as your wife’s food affects your body, so do your words affect her face #RenosNuggets

20. You cannot complain that the WiFi is not working when you have not yet connected to the Internet and you cannot complain that God does not exist when you have not tried connecting with Him. God is available, but you can only connect to Him via prayer and faith #RenosNuggets

21. Beauty is not an achievement. It is a gift. Character is not a gift. Its an achievement. Beauty fades, but character remains. Character can make you great which is why you should develop yours. Satan is very handsome, but has no character. Look at where he is today.

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