12 Amazing Ways He Shows You He Loves You Without Him Saying It

12 Amazing Ways He Shows You He Loves You Without Him Saying It

There are some signals you should not take for granted.

Don ZIggy Writes
We all have our own way of defining love and how we perceive love.
The ways on how men show love without saying it are evident in their everyday actions towards the woman they love.

I have written out 12 things that a guy does to show he loves you without saying it, some guys are good at showing it, so you should learn from this piece.

1. He is the first to send texts.
Nothing is difficult as picking up your phone and sending a text to someone, but if a guy sends you messages at regular interval. Then he is thinking of you, i have often said it that one of the important ways to show someone you love her is sending messages. Unfortunately many people ignore these signs.

2.He does extra-Ordinary things for you out of his own free will.
Some people might say if you love someone you should be able to go extra mile for them, guys are different when it comes to showing love and affection, but if he puts everything aside for your sake, then  he truly loves you, please don’t doubt it, respect him for that.

3. He wants to share his feelings with you.
The Major challenge in a relationship is Communication, a lot of ladies have had to complain that their men are extremely secretive, they don’t share their feelings, dreams, aspirations, fears and others with them. This most times leads to lack of trust and eventual break up. So if he develops the act of communicating with you, then trust me he is the one for you.

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4. He shows you off to his friends.
I don’t show a woman i don’t love to my friends and family especially when she does not fit into the kind of woman my friends expects me to be around. Most men are with women they are ashamed to introduce to their friends, so when he requests to meet his friends or family members, he is reluctant to do that, so when you meet his friends, parents and or Siblings it goes a long way to show he is proud of you and he would like to end up with you.

5. When you are challenged, he is there for you.
There are times when carrying life’s burden can really be challenging. There are times when you need someone to help with difficult task, when and if he shows up, it means you have a place in his heart. Trust him with your heart.

6. He offers you his shoulder to cry on.
Not everyone is there to support you emotionally, emotional support is something a man should give in full dosage. you should not lack it- not for one second. If he offers himself to you emotionally then you are lucky to have a great guy.

7. He does not judge you.
We have all made made mistakes in the past, you need to be around someone who does not judge your past mistakes  instead someone who shows you support, love and acceptance, then you have met the right person. Your sugar coconut.

8. He gives you loads of compliment.
How do you cope with guys who don’t tell you how beautiful you look when you put on a new dress, a new hair do, and when you  look awkwardly different. My ex was mad with her hair Stylist, she hated the hair the stylist made for her, i didn’t realize she was angry with the lady that made her hair, immediately i saw her, i quickly gave her a warm compliment on how beautiful she looked, that alone was enough to put smile on her face. So when you meet a man who compliments you irrespective of how you look, then you have met the right man.


9. He respects your decisions.
If you don’t love me, respect me. That is my Maxim. There are times when the decision you will take along the line might end up been seen as wrong by your man, but you need someone who does not criticize your actions and decisions. If he respects your decision, don’t let him go.

10. He wants to know how your day is went.
Have you ever been in a relationship where he does not even care to know how your day went? How do you feel about it? any one who really care about you must develop the habit of routine check on your day, he must be interested on how you spent your day, if he cares to know how you day went it means he loves you to know how you spent it.

11. He kisses you — Passionately.
The way he kisses you shows a lot, yes it shows if he misses you or otherwise, you must learn to discern between a fake kiss and a real kiss. Remember kissing might be deceptive, the way he hugs and kisses you should tell you if he really loves you.

12. He wants to know what you are doing to develop yourself.
When you meet a guy who is interested in your development, then you are lucky, keep him  and don’t let him go.

Some guys are not good at telling a telling they love her especially the shy ones, while some are good at saying it but their words does not in any way match their action. If you must choose between someone who says it or shows it, you must go for someone who shows it. But if you are lucky you will meet someone who says it, shows it and means it.

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Hope you enjoyed it. why not use the comment box and let us know how you feel about what you just read?

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