Qualities of a Good Christian Wife

Qualities of a Good Christian Wife
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Depending on a man for everything can be dangerous and at the same time be disadvantageous, there are lots of demons he has to fight in life and the wife should not be a demon he also has to fight. Here we give you qualities of a good Christian wife.

  1. Pray for your husband.

The world is a difficult place for a man. They are competing in the marketplace for jobs, feeling the weight of the financial burden of providing for a family, and having to deal with many stress beyond their control. They are also in a world that increasingly assaults their masculinity.

  1. Speak clearly and directly to your husband.

Men use fewer words than women do. They want to get to the bottom line of the message quickly and they also process one aspect of an issue at a time. Women like to explore all aspects of a subject at the same time as well as give hints about what they really want. Give your husband the gift of direct and short messages he doesn’t have to work at interpreting.

  1. Have your own support system.

Too many women expect their husbands to handle all their emotional needs. Men aren’t equipped to do that. They don’t understand their wives emotional ups and downs and they don’t understand how to respond to them. They want to solve the problem and don’t get it when we just want empathy. Don’t expect him to know what you without telling him. Men are not mind readers be open about your needs.

  1. Accept his relationship with his mom.
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There’s something about the two women in the kitchen that transfers to the two women most important to a man. It is hard for us to accept that there is something between our husbands and their moms that we don’t share with them. Our mother-in-laws will always see them as their little boys. We will feel the same way about our sons. Unless their relationship is really dysfunctional and ruining yours, let it be.

  1. Be his partner.

The two of you joined together to have a life together. Figure out how to take care of your needs and goals while prioritizing filling in the gaps that your husband can’t fill. This way you are his helpmate and you are a valuable team member. Also make time for being with him doing things he likes.

  1. Be an independent woman.

He was attracted to you as a single woman. He saw you as a person he respected and admired. Don’t be too clingy or needy. You need to continue to have interests separate from your husband and to have different opinions. He needs to see you as a person and not just his wife.

  1. Accept him as a spiritual leader.

Not all men lead their families spiritually by having sit down devotions. Some lead by example through hard work and good character. Some lead by their strength and desire to protect. Others lead by teaching life lessons. Accept whatever form of spiritual leadership your husband offers rather than making him feel like he is a failure as a spiritual leader.

You simply must do these seven things to be a good Christian wife. Your husband will absolutely love the new you and you will love your new man!

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