SANITARY PADS should be free, condoms should be SOLD: Lady Cries out (See reaction)

SANITARY PADS should be free, condoms should be SOLD: Lady Cries out (See reaction)
Vivian Ugwu

A lady cried out on her Facebook page on the need why sanitary pads should be free and condoms should be sold. According to her sex is a choice; menstruation is not, for that reason condoms should be sold, she also lamented on the rising cost of sanitary pads saying lots of girls out there can no longer afford it. she wrote

SANITARY PADS should be free, condoms should be SOLD. sex is a CHOICE; Menstruation ISN’T… This is now #400. Lots of girls out there can no longer afford this. Help campaign this issue by sharing this post.

Meanwhile there were comments by her friends as a reaction to her post:

Collinson Okudo For free is a bit asking far too much,, I support cut in price. Though the hike might be due to the country’s ongoing economic downturn.

John Nedu Ozoezie Hmmmm is there pad (always) in olden days? Or is there no menstruation during that time? …. What am trying to say.. If this is expensive ask those people how they overcome theirs.,, for condom matter it depends but it should be free to about asexual transmitted diseases and abortion…. Cause me no fix buy condom very expensive just to have sex…. I will go direct abeg I rest my case.

Dominica Okoh Lol, if u girls that want to campaign cannot afford money to buy pad, then let’s go back to our former inheritance. Our mother’s never use anything called always nor lady care, they made good use of pieces of clothes
Now in our generation sanitary pad causes an infection, so do not say is an upgrade

Rock Chiazor I agree… But only to ladies/girls who keep themselves. In fact I will personally make a donation towards that course. For ladies married, engaged or in any sexual relationship this item should be sold at platinum price…. Your man should be man enough to afford this essential product. Over and Out!

Anu Joy This is what The JOY Anuoluwapo Foundation is fighting against. There was a campaign and walk about this in December.
For those suggesting rags all I will say is “pure ignorance”.Do you know that improper use these rags have even led to death.
Do you even know the reasons why some ladies have advanced infections that has made it difficult to have children.
Because some of use can afford it doesn’t mean those who can’t shouldn’t be cared for.
Like in the foundations campaign and rally, sex is an option, menstruation is not.
Why then do we have to make life difficult for the most important specie of human which is the women.
I won’t say more than this.
#thegirlchildFLOW #istandforthegirlchild #iamawoman#joyanuoluwapofoundation.

Nigerians are indeed very funny

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