What You should know about Masturbation (Just Read)

What You should know about Masturbation
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Masturbation is the act of stimulating one’s sex organs (the penis in men and clitoris in women) to evoke sexual pleasure which culminates in an orgasm.
The act of masturbation is as old as mankind. While there are so many myths about masturbation which you may have come across, here are some facts, backed by medical research  you should know about it.

1. Minor penile skin ulcers
It’s rare, but studies have shown that occasional and rough masturbation can lead to minor penile skin ulcers, which can be painful and even become infected.

2. Research has shown that the composition of semen ejaculated during masturbation is different from that of sexual intercourse, meaning that prostate cancer-preventing function of sexual intercourse may be lacking in masturbation.

3. Masturbation can become a compulsion that can affect one’s sex life such that one may be unattracted to sex with a partner. This occurs when one is hooked exclusively to masturbation as the only means of sexual gratification, or when the intense pressure of porn and masturbation can’t be reached with one’s partner.

However, there’s also medical evidence that masturbation

4. Boosts immunity and mood
Like sexual intercourse, the orgasm at masturbation releases the hormone cortisol which plays a role in regulating the body’s immune system. It also releases chemicals such as dopamine and oxytocin which are responsible for good mood and a sense of gratification.

5. Makes one last longer
Regular masturbation can help one last longer during sexual intercourse. Subsequently, masturbation indirectly contributes to a better sex life in a relationship.

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If you do masturbate, and feel it’s affecting your life in any way, especially your sex life, you should see a sex therapist for counselling. However, if you’re good with it and every aspect of your life is perfectly fine, there’s nothing wrong with the act of masturbation.

Written by Opeyemi Odunayo

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