2016 in Retrospect, 2017 in Perspective: My Blog, Relationship and My Friendship

2016 in Retrospect, 2017 in Perspective: My Blog, Relationship and My Friendship
Iwerumor Lawrence

Finally the much anticipated New Year is here, I am so excited to see this year again just like you are. Like I said in my previous post, the last year came with its challenges and thank God we were able to surmount them. 2017 is a new year and at the same time pregnant, it is pregnant with lot of uncertainties and possibilities. I am quite sure a lot of us have made our New Year resolution, for me I have decided not to make any resolution this year because I have not been good at staying by my resolution. So I have decided to live the day as it comes. I have decided to live each day the way it presents itself while consolidating on the improvement I started in the previous years. I have no doubt that the year will be a better year.

On Blogging.
I have decided to make lawrwenzi.com a part of me; all things been equal. Last year I could not update my blog regularly, because I had to deal with the school and other issues. Thank God I am done with that part of my life and planning to move ahead with other important things. I will be dedicating my time to more research work, travelling, meeting people and knowing God more. I have always liked writing about things that interests me, about life, love and relationship. So you should be expecting more of that from me. Few guys will also join me on lawrenzi.com. So I guess blogging will be more interesting for us this year, hope you will join us?

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2016 in Retrospect, 2017 in Perspective: My Blog, Relationship and my Friendship
Iwerumor Lawrence

On Relationship
Many of my friends have found it difficult believing I am single and not in a relationship. I could remember vividly when a friend called me from Lagos to ask if I could come with my woman to Lagos for an event and I told him I was not coming because there was no woman. I jokingly told him I would be prepared to come if he provides one, interestingly my longtime friend did not believe that, for him, I was just trying to hide my woman or women from him.

In all sincerity, 2015 and 2016 was the first time since 2007 I went  full years without a relationship. Yes, first time and my 2014 experience made me come to that conclusion, it was a nasty experience. I needed that break mehn, I needed it badly and the break afforded me the opportunity of seeing things from different angles, especially as it concerns me, women, relationship and my religion. I wouldn’t want to dwell much on what happened in my previous relationships because they are past now. Maybe someday we will talk about them.

The life also afforded me time to rededicate my life to other things, sometimes relationships can be a big distraction if your priorities are not right or if you find yourself with the wrong person. It has helped me in shaping my life and choosing what is best for me. I now know the role and importance of people in my life. So if you ask me if I am ready for a new relationship in 2017? I will say yes but I am not rushing back into it immediately.

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On Friendship
I am a very lovely and loving person, sometimes I can be otherwise, it all depends on how I am treated, I can be an introvert or an extrovert, sometimes I can be withdrawn but one thing is certain, I love my privacy. I am a very private person and I have made friends along that line. Sometimes I can be very demanding and very difficult to deal with, but if you understand me then we would not have problems becoming friends for life.

That is why I have choose my friends along this line, my friends understands this and for this reason we had a wonderful 2016, I particularly do not have much female friends apart from few older women who are matured enough to know how friendship works. It is sad to note that most ladies don’t know how friendship works in this part of the world, becoming a friend to most lady means you must be ready to shoulder some (if not all) of her responsibility. I hate parasitic relationships so I don’t engage in any, the moment I find out that my friendship with you is one sided. I leave, and that is why I am not a friend to a Nigerian girl.

Finally, 1n 2017
In 2017 i want to do all that makes me happy, be with people that makes me happy and get more money to make me happy.

Wishing you a happy New Year friends.

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