As we come to the end of 2016
A close door

I stayed up till late last night staring at my laptop for quite some minutes thinking of where to start from, what 2016 has been like, the challenges faced, the happy moment experienced and people that defined my 2016, the love and hatred I got and what the year has been like, then I realized that there Is nothing I will put down here that can define how I feel about 2016. Do you know what? I will try as much I can to write down few things about the outgoing year and why I feel so excited irrespective of what the year looked like.

It is that time of the year when we take stock of how the year has been, of how well we have been able to achieve our set goals, dreams and aspirations. While a lot of us have something to be merry about, some of us had a not-too-good experience in 2016. The year did not come by without some ups and downs; it also came with reasons to be happy, thankful and grateful for. I am a testimony, I stepped into 2016 with an air of uncertainty and stepped into it like a man needing a guiding light for it to see where it leads, it was not easy, I wish I could explain everything that happened but some things are better left unsaid and (or) saved for the future.

Everyone has had a fair share of what 2016 had to offer, the good, the bad and the ugly. That most of us decided to smile and move ahead do not mean things were rosy. It meant that we decided to stay strong and move on.
I want to thank all those who have been part of my life, my family my friends and my enemies too. They have really made 2016 an interesting journey. I wish I had enough words to thank you all, I would have done that.

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I am particularly excited about 2016 because it was a year i learnt how fly without wings, i learnt more about life, about people, about friendship and more importantly i learnt more about God. My life is a testimony of God’s love, Kindness, and grace. I am so excited for the people and events that shaped my life in 2016. It is for them i had a lovely year.

I want to thank those who have been part of this blog directly or indirectly, the contributors, my co admins, it is because of you flourished the way it did in 2016.
I want to quickly state that is one year, how time flies! It has not been easy.

When we started in 2015, we never knew it would be this challenging, we thought it would be just to write what we feel and publish them, we realized that for us to publish a content worthy of attracting a wide range of readership then we must put in more effort, do more research and make sure we carry our readers along, that you trust me can be very difficult, although the experiences we garnered from working with other blogs before lawrenzi have helped a lot. Osarhenogie Matthew Osazuwa, Faniran oyatunde, Onosolase Francis, Arihilam Francis, Oluwatobi E. Igbiwe, Mariam Barry and you have made this year a remarkable year.

I want to thank our readers, what is the essence of writing without you in the first place? You have been supportive through your comments, mails and calls. We have been able to achieve a remarkable year with you.
As we close the doors to 2016 and prepare to open the doors of 2017 in the next couples of hours it is my desire that you join us and let’s make it a better year. See you in 2017
Thank you so much.

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