Ladies, Men Are Not Mind Readers, See Why You Must Discuss Sex With Him. (18+)

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No matter how athletic, young and good looking, a lot of men have confessed they don’t really know what to do with a lady panting in their arms. Playing on you win some, you lose some rule, they just play by the ear leaving their supposed conquests wondering what hit them. Paul in his 30s and a silver spoon kid confessed that he had beginner’s luck when he first started dating a woman.

”This gave me a false impression of my abilities, “he said”. At the university I hooked up with a woman who virtually went into pieces at my slightest touch, she was that besotted with me. My ego was inflated, and I thought I was the God’s gift to women. When that affair ended and I hooked up with other women, I was puzzled and disappointed that they didn’t experience the same high as my former lover. In fact if they could talk, most of them would have said “just finish”, I wasn’t going to end up anyway… by the enthusiasm they showed. Not only did I feel horribly inadequate, I felt completely frustrated.

What a heck did these women want anyway? I was inside her for goodness sake, I used to scream silently. Why weren’t the women I bedded immediately clutching at my back and spasming in ecstasy? I mean we were now in a clinch, with me pumping furiously away, what else was required of me? Plenty, I later learned that I knew next to nothing about what women really wanted. As a son of gynaecologist, my understanding of sex was clinical. I knew that to make a baby, people had sex together.

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I didn’t know where the clitoris was, or the mythical G- spot for that matter, but I did know what I saw in movies, and movies thought me that to take a woman to the high heavens, some amount of oral sex was required. So, I entered into the period where much of the foreplay repertoire consisted of latching myself to a lady’s bits like a hungry baby to its mum’s breast.

Even with that, the results were mixed. I learnt from a few bold women what I was doing the wrong thing like not using my fingers and going too heavy on the tongue! I didn’t let the criticism bother me though. I soldiered on until I finally cracked it. I finally understood what it took to please a lady. Thanks to my finally finding the right one. We both had awkward bedroom fun until we got confident enough to compare notes. One night, she told me how she liked it, what angles were ‘no’ and which ones made her scream: yes! Yes! I was happy she did’’.

So you ladies out there don’t be too reserved. Talk to your man you tell a waiter how you like your food. Waiters aren’t mind-readers, and neither is your man. Bring a woman to orgasm makes us men feel unstoppable. A few months back, I ran into an old girlfriend. Playfully, I asked her if I could look in on her for old time’s sake. ‘Actually, I was expecting her to laugh in my face and tell me what I could do with my tackle.

I was therefore surprised when she told me she would be free the next day, Whops! i immediately realized I had hit a jackpot, I invited her over to my apartment and she consented to seeing me the next evening, according to a popular saying “a road taken once is not difficult to pass through again”, it was not difficult finding my way to her “honeycomb” but she was surprised to see how well I have improved. Unfortunately she was already in a serious relationship, so nothing serious could happen between us again, but we enjoyed the moment while it lasted. The painful part of this is that she was engaged to a man that does not satisfy her sexually, at least not the way I did, when I requested she spoke to him about how she would want to be satisfied, she asked what would be her husband’s to be perception of her?

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That is the major challenge some of our ladies are facing, even though I don’t subscribe cheating because I would not want to be cheated on, I think a lady should tell her man how she wants to be satisfied in bed, men are not mind readers, you need to tell them what you want when it comes to “bedmatics” considering the fact that the female sexual make up is a bit more complex compared to their male counterpart, to make things worse, some ladies will pretend to be sexually satisfied when they are not or pretend to hit orgasm when they are actually not close to it. These are one of the reasons while some ladies cheat on their partners even some married women are also guilty.

I know there may be worries on how your man will perceive you if you try explaining things to him, but you must understand that we like it when you explain these things to us because it helps builds intimacy and confidence in our relationships with you, it takes a matured man to know your sexual satisfaction is as important as his, it will help minimize sexual promiscuity.

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