See why you should not marry a man who can cook better than you!

Fried Plantain and Egg sauce

The preconception that the role of women is in the kitchen is fast fading away in our contemporary world, as some women no longer want to be in the kitchen, they now want to be involved in activities that men are known for, this should not be the case cos there are consequences. There are two things are woman can use to keep her man at home, sex and food.

A smart lady knows that when you are in control of his stomach and his batteries, then you are in control of him. Almost all women have what it takes to satisfy a man sexually but not all women have what it take to satisfy a man’s stomach. This is why you see a woman quick to pull her pant and allow you access into her kitty cat, but she is always reluctant when you tell her to go into the kitchen. I am speaking from experience, some ladies will be like, i can never cook for a man i am not married to, but they can allow him have sex with them. That is a world we find ourselves now, very sad one.

Personally i don’t allow ladies cook my meal except for few exceptions, i love cooking, i love trying out new things in the kitchen, so it was fun anytime i found myself in the kitchen. It even got to a point, i cook one of my ex’s favorite (plantain and fried egg) and take it to her in the hostel, it was an exercise i really enjoyed, mean while some ladies see cooking as a more spiritual exercise than sex, i wonder where they got that from.


one great reason i have found out why ladies are scared to cook for their guys is just laziness, i once had a girl friend who came visiting when my younger was also around, since i had my sister around and some other friends, i asked her if she would be able to prepare yam and egg sauce for me and my friends, i was shocked at her reply, she bluntly told me that the way she prepares her egg sauce will not be okay with us because she does it differently, lol. At that point i didn’t push further, i just told my younger sister to take charge of the cooking and she did it perfectly. That girl is just like her our mother!

Some ladies are found of telling you that the way they prepare a kind of food might not be OK with you, simply because they do it differently. Take for example noodles, there are various ways noodles is prepared, you can choose you boil or fry it, or even soak it in hot water, lots of ways, but some ladies will tell you the way they prepare theirs will not be okay by you, lady, if you are sure of yourself, the simple question a lady who knows how to cook is ask question on how you want it prepared. I just feel its either they can’t cook or they lack confidence simple!

Many ladies feel the most secure way to keep him is give him good sex, you lie! good food baby wins a heart of man, it will get to a period in your relationship, sex will no longer be interesting, but there will never be a moment when good food will be uninteresting. It will always be. I have outlined reasons why you should not marry a man who can cook better than you.

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1) He will always criticize your food: A man who is good at cooking will always notice some minor flaws in your cooking i.e too much salt, burnt food or too much seasoning, you can always convince a man who cannot cooking on the difficulties is preparing that meal and he will understand.

2) There is nothing new: That moment when you feel you have a surprise meal for him and he gets home only for you to realize his attitude towards your meal is indifferent, you tend to feel bad because he might not appreciate it the way you want him to.

3)No time for that special moment: A lot of men miss their wives when they are not around, because of the quality of meal they get, some men even cook better than their wives, so they don’t miss their wives because they can nail it when it comes to cooking

4)No going out: It sometimes get to a point  when you won’t be able to cook, in a normal circumstance, your husband is supposed to take you out so you both can have nice meal, but hmmmm sister no time for that because you married a cook

5)cooking becomes a competition: I once visited a family where the children decides on whose food they want to eat, while the girls prefers daddy’s cooking, the boys are comfortable with both. That is bad, ladies you shouldn’t loose your role in the kitchen to your husband. It can be dangerous.

6)You are seen as irresponsible!

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