Faculty of Arts University of Benin Elects New Dean. Photos!

A section of lecturers waiting for results
A section of lecturers waiting for results
A section of lecturers waiting for results

Finally, The Faculty of Arts University of Benin on Monday 22nd Feb 2016 elected a new Dean  to oversee the affairs of the faculty for the next two years. The election which was held at the new 250 Lecture theater with the accreditation of voters saw massive turnout of Lecturers who came out to cast their votes.
The position for the Dean of the Faculty which was contested by Prof. L.E . Otoide of the Department of History and International studies and Prof. Okaku of The Theater Arts Department saw the former win with a landslide victory of 87 to 54.

(Winner) Prof. Otoide Addressing Lecturers of the Faculty
(Winner) Prof. Otoide (middle) Addressing Lecturers of the Faculty after the election

In his acceptance speech after the election, the winner of the election Prof. Otoide who before his election was the H.OD of his Department, thanked all those who supported him before and during the election, and solicited for the support of staffs (both academic and non- academic) while he will be in office, he promised to work with everybody to help the Faculty become great again.
Speaking to lawrenzi.com, one of the voters, (a senior Lecturer of the faculty) who was visibly happy, said “we are happy that the change slogan has also taken effect in our dear faculty, we are happy to have a renowned Diplomat piloting the affairs of our beloved faculty. Watch out for good things to come’’ God bless you my son.

After the results was announced.
After the results was announced (The former Dean having a deep reflection)

Another lecturer, though, seemed unhappy said, the election has been won and won, this is a victory for all of us, no victor, no vanquish, irrespective of the result, it is time to move forward, i congratulate the new Dean and i wish him the best of luck.
We tried speaking to the new Dean, but as the time of writing this, we were told he was in a crucial meeting with his staffs. The former Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Prof. Ogo Ofuani after fours years in office handed over to Prof. Otoide on Wednesday 24th Feb.

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lawrenzi.com on behalf of (LBR) congratulates the new dean, we wish him a good health of mind and body as he assumes his new office as the Dean of most popular Faculty in the University of Benin. You can join our facebook group on Lawrenzi’s blog readers(LBR) or like our Facebook page on Lawrenzi, you can also follow us on twitter to help us inspire and share what truly matters. 

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