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In all sincerity guys are the most complicated creature you can do business with when it comes to emotional matters, some ladies will just be complaining that they don’t know what their men really want, some will tell you that after everything they have done for him, he is still misbehaves. Men sometimes can be annoying, even me too, i can be sometimes. If your man does not annoy you, that is a danger sign, i am very sure you don’t want a perfect man! In as much as we can be bossy sometimes or most times, there are things you can do that will always make us go crazy. So before you think of doing something about him, check this out

1)Make him feel appreciated: This one should be number one on your list, in as much you want to be appreciated, we also want it. If your man puts effort in a relationship to make you happy, always learn to make him feel he is appreciated not only with your actions but with words. Never tell a man he is appreciated by letting him into your kitty cat, even the lady at The Danger line can offer that service with a fee, but the feeling is that which money cannot buy. Try it out bae it’s worth it.

2) Be the first to send him a text message: Guys gets tired easily when they do the texting alone, sometimes you can choose to be the first to send him a text message. Messages are thought to be more emotionally revealing in terms of its importance, this is because, sometimes, when we are alone, bored or angry, we pick up our phones and go through our messages, i am sure you do them too. It gives us a sense of security to go through our phone and find your messages begging to be re read. Guys like to feel affection too, and if he’s really into you, he will be thinking about you. Sending him a quick text in the morning will brighten his day and spark a good conversation, it even makes more sense when you do it while you are with your friends, oh baby! It is lovely try it out.


3) Brag about him publicly: Some time ago in 2013, I was to deliver a speech at the All Saints Seminary at Ekopoma, after knotting my tie and dressing in my blazer suit, I realized that something was missing, I was short of confidence! I was already sweating deep inside of me, I was like, what am I going to say, because I didn’t prepare adequately for that speech, but I had to do it because at that time I was the president of my department and the onus falls on me to do it when nobody was willing to do it, even though I didn’t tell my girlfriend that I was short of confidence to face a crowd of over 800 with Participants, with professors and students. She gave me a phone call that changed the equation, she called and said, babe, remember what you are made of, I just want to tell you that I am your Number one Fan! I could feel she was with her friends when she made that call. Go and make me proud. That was a confidence boost. Even though we are no longer together, I still remember that call.

4) Laying your down on his chest: One of the best feelings almost every man would want to have. When you lie on the couch watching TV or laying on the bed after a pretty long day. With your head on his chest and your arm over him, he enjoys the feeling of being protective, and it signifies that you feel safe in his arms.

5)Talk about him on social media: Yes! It makes him feel he is in charge; it is always difficult getting ladies to do this though, but it’s a nice thing to, use his picture as your DP, talk about him, tell him how proud you are to have him in your life, this act always have a way of sending message(s) across to him. Let him know you are loyal, when your loyality is in doubt, he begins to get skeptical about a future with you. Guys love it when their ladies do this.

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6) Listen and really listen: Listening is not just a passive activity, it is an activity that requires your attention and effort, sometimes he may have a lot of things going through his mind, or maybe he is working towards achieving something significant in his life, when he talks to you about it, make sure you are actively involved in the conversation, look into his eyes and be genuinely interested, it will let him know you care.

7) Show Him Affection: Affection should not only be shown inside the room, and you don’t have to do a public show of love by jumping on him publicly, but a simple act like holding his hand while you are walking or at a party will make him feel close to you and that you are proud of him. The little things can go a long way.

Though in our complexities, It is relatively easier to please men than women, we don’t require a lot to stay happy, we really love doing things for our girl friend to make her feel special.  So whenever you think your man is not acting the way he should, maybe you
need to check yourself if you are doing the right thing.

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