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Are you asking me to leave?” precious asked surprisingly. “no, that’s not what I mean, I only mean I have an appointment and it won’t be nice leaving you all alone in the house” I said calmly but she was already enraged, she picked up her bag and as we walk along, I prayed for the worse not to happen.

Ify came together again with precious to our friend’s wedding ceremony where I met her for the second time, but the girl I saw during the traditional wedding ceremony has metamorphosed into something even more astonishing, but I had to do my admiration and play my game in a clandestine manner, else I would invoke the wrath of precious. The great opportunity came when precious had to lend helping hands in the kitchen while Ify was all alone. I seized the chance and had some cool chat with her over 30minutes only to realize that she was totally ignorant that I was dating precious.”this is a great chance” I thought to myself.

We exchanged contacts and ever since we had had good times chatting and expressing love on phone. Ifeoma was every man’s desire, her beauty radiating like the sun ray, her eyes were shinning like the brightest day one can ever think of and her voice was as soft as a zephyr. She had sets of full breast, pointed and standing at attention like a soldier to the call of command. Admiring these qualities move me more to long to have her on my bed. Despite all these feelings, I was not in haste, I waited patiently for the right time to act.

One day, after I had returned from work tired and wary, a call entered my phone, thinking it was someone else, I reluctantly picked up, “its me ifeoma” was the first thing I heard. “why didn’t you call with your number” I teased. She explained that she didn’t have airtime on her phone and had to use her friend’s phone.

After some time on the phone she asked “would you be at home this weekend?” “eureka” I exclaimed within me “at last the deal is done”. I did not hesitate even for a second, I immediately gave her a resounding “yes ” with all assurance. It was like I had won a million dollar jackpot.

This elated feeling drove me straight to the ATM to withdraw some of the cash I had saved for some important issues, to make my room look like a mini cathedral all for her convenience. I bought a new flat screen, change almost everything I had in my room to new ones. It was my intention that she spent the weekend in my house, so I used the comfort I had provided as a trap, knowing that when she saw the beauty and comfort she would on her own decide to stay.

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I stocked my kitchen with assorted meat, stock fish, different kinds of wine and fruit on Thursday of that week, waiting patiently for friday to come, expecting my new found queen, but within me I kept praying that precious had no slight idea of my clandestine affair with ifeoma.

 One friday morning, the first call I received on my phone was that of precious, highly elated “i would be coming over for week end” she said lovingly, but I could not respond as usual as she was not the one I was expecting. I agreed and began to make plans on how to discharge her when she arrives, caused she would suspect a foul play if I had asked her not to come.

Before precious arrived, Ifeoma had called twice reminding me that she was on her way. “What would happen if ifeoma showed up at this time?” i thought as I walked with enraged precious. She would conclude I did not allow her stay because her friend was coming to visit me. As I tried to talk to precious to believe my lies that seemed true, Ifeoma called again saying she was at the junction where precious and I were walking toward.

I immediately branched a shop where they sell recharge card and spent some unnecessary time there, knowing full well that precious wouldn’t care to wait and when I left the shop, precious was some distance away and I walked like I was trying to catch up with her. Before precious could make a cross to the other side of the road, my eyes caught that of Ifeoma at the other side.

She stood and made a cross toward me and I kept praying for they not to see each other, as it may cause me to lose both of them. precious was too enraged to raise her head to see Ifeoma making a cross from the opposite direction, Ifeoma on the other hand was too elated at seeing me that she did not notice precious. It was like a dream as I watch the miracle taking place. Holding her hands, I immediately made  U~turn back to my house knowing that precious was too enraged to return.

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Her astonishing beauty seem to have depreciate a little, but her body composition were still intact and that was all I care. The boobs and her behind were still attracting me to her and I could not wait to get home. I took a drop to my house which was unusual of me and on getting inti my room, it was obvious she was carried away by what she saw and could not help but hugged me passionately. “hmmm”.

To me it was sign of good things to come. I quickly prepared warm water for her to have her bath as it was obvious that she was tired and stressed out as a result of the long journey she had. She had all the attention and comfort she needed and she was really impress. “do u stay here alone” she asked, at this point I knew my trap had caught her and that she wanted to stay more than one day. “yes and I won’t mind having you to stay with me, may be just for the weekend”. She smiled and said”if you ask me to”. “of course I want you to stay” I replied without any hesitation.

I told her how much I had first admired her even at the traditional wedding ceremony and she confessed that the feeling was mutual, that ever since she had wanted us to be together. She admitted that that was the reason she thought of coming to see me. We had barely spent up to 5 minutes talking when immediately she got hold of me and showered me with kisses that got me in the mood.

I reciprocated the feeling and before I knew it we were already exchanging spittles like flood. I gently unlocked her fine bra to behold that which I have so longed to see, but what I noticed was surprising. Two little things were dangling on her chest as against the full breast I had known and longed to see.

I was forced to open my eyes and see that her bra was heavily loaded with foam. I continued kissing not minding that disappointment as her behind wad a consolation. To my greatest surprise, I noticed her behind was also heavily padded.

“What! I am finished!”. I exclaimed within me,”dis girl don catch me mugu”. I was already in the mood and could not just stop abruptly. I stretched my hand to where I placed my gold circle condom at the edge of my bed and after some few minutes I was out. I became frustrated and disappointed.

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“she was not even worth a bit of all the risk had I went through to get her home” I thought. “baby come on, dont tell me you are tired already” she kept calling. I went straight to the fridge, took a bottle of origin drink. Realizing how much risk I had taken, time and money spent, and the energy waisted, I felt like sending her out immediately, “how can a lady be so fake?”

I asked myself and when I was done with the first, I took another can just to ease my temper, and when I was done with that, I went straight to bed and slept off. All effort to make me ride her againg proved abortive and at that point, the feeling of disappointment became mutual. When I woke up I quickly discharged her with some of my usual lies of been busy all day. I went straight to precious’s house to apologized and felt really comforted. I had fun with precious all day and when I returned in the evening, I saw a short note on my table. “Ify has left” I thought.

 “Hi, I really felt I had seen a man to call my own, I never knew you were this fake and irresponsible. Goodbye, and don’t ever call my number again. Don’t worry about your wrist watch as that will do for my transportation. Goodbye..” I felt really bad she took my very expensive watch, but I thought that would be enough to buy her more pads and foams. While I tried to look for my torch light to find my way to the bathroom, I discovered my watch in my storage. “she had the wrong watch” I laughed out loud. I did’t lose all after all, I deleted her number and we never had contact of any form again.

photo credit:petiteplentiful

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