Dear ladies… before you lose your self-respect!


When Emmanuel told Ann that it was over between both of them, she could not eat for days, she wept profusely as if she had lost a loved one that she will never see again, yes! Ann loved Emmanuel, but she went too far in showing it.

It is pitiable that some ladies go too far in showing guys how much they love them, and  they sometimes misplace what the real meaning of love is, actually who does not in this world we find ourselves? Many ladies sell themselves out on the first day of a date by going to his place and engaging in all those small small kissing, you know what I mean. The moment you give a guy the green light, he takes full advantage of it.

Trust guys, they know when to hit, and also, how to strategize when they seem to be losing it. Make him work for a ‘’yes’’ from you. though some of my guys actually made me understand that in our contemporary world, guys nor dey toast again, if you see babe wey you like, just take her out, buy her lovely gifts, give her a good and awesome treat, then you must be having a great chance in her life even if she has a guy she going out with, you must have succeeded in writing your name in gold in her heart, just keep doing it, and who knows, you might just stand a chance!

Sad as it seem though, it all goes to show how materialistic some of our ladies are, one lady once told me that she wants a man with good money, she doesn’t want to how the money was gotten, in her words she said, I nor want know how the guy get the money, if he like make he go steal from anywhere, as far as say the money dey I nor get whaala”


But while she spoke, I saw a lady whose background was poor, and who is not ready to change the status of her condition except a saviour does that for her. This kind of lady will open her leg for every tom, dick and harry to explore the honey comb in exchange for that little cash. Like the popular saying goes, “money only attract lazy girls” if you are hard working and you know your worth you won’t depend on a guy’s wealth to make it In life, even these days, babes dey hustle! We are in a world where you find men and women competing favourably for the same positions in life, then why can’t you do the same?

Back to my work before some girls start to beef me. you can actually show a guy how much you love him without losing your self-respect, I am very sure if Ann has read this article before now, that yeye guy for nor dey treat am the way him like! There are different ways to be in a relationship without losing yourself and this factors must be taken into consideration with utmost.

One of them is, don’t get too emotionally invested, the moment some guys see this in you, they take advantage of it, whether you believe it or not. Some ladies have a way of showing the their emotional side too often, and that is not a good sign trust me.

You don’t have to be someone you are not, one lady once told me she liked a particular band on my teeshirt, and when I quizzed if she knew any of their song, she practically went blank, you must act like who you really are, because if you end up faking everything about you, he may soon discover that you are not what you claim to be.

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The moment you start sending those messages often, you send the wrong signals, text messages have a way of conveying signals, don’t text him too much, if he texts you first, don’t hesitate to reply him, you don’t have to play games with that, and if you text him and he doesn’t reply, don’t try to keep the conversation going.

You must also learn not to neglect any area of your life, chasing a guy is fine, as long as you don’t make it you life ambition, you still have classes to attend, friends to talk to and a career to pursue. Don’t be blinded by a guy that you forget other sweet things of life.

You don’t have to be jealous to show a man you love him; there are different ways of showing it, Bola fought a girl publicly over kunle and outcome was pathetic. If he talks to another girl and you flip out on him, he won’t want to go far with you, you need to keep yourself calm and collected.

You must know when to give up on him, actions they speaks louder than words, a man must not come down on his knees begging you to leave him, you must learn to read the warning signs, once he starts misbehaving, give him the red card. Life is too short to spend on people who don’t value your importance.

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