Do You Know The Importance Of Banana? See What Is Here


I went out yesterday in search of what to eat since my gas finally decided to pack on a weekend i needed it most, immediately i stepped outside my gate i was confronted by a woman selling banana.

woman: Brother you nor buy Banana today?( like i have gotten banana from her before)

me: madam i nor want eat banana, i want eat food.

woman: ha brother! banana too na food ooo, in short na the best food for you to eat this evening be this,

me: madam, abeg this banana nor go hold my belle, i dey find where dem dey sell santana(fufu), or Eba.

Brother the woman yelled! “you nor know say banana good for boys like you wey never marry, e dey make una strong well well, especially this kind of banana wey i get now, na our local banana, na him good pass oyinbo own”.

Madam i be man i nor be boy i protested as if there was something at stake,

”Nor vex” she said

 Then i continued ”madam banana good for every body ooo, nor be only man e good for, e good for woman too even animal sef he good for their body”,

“so you nor go buy after all this many talk shey?” she ask as if i was the one that wanted it at first)

“Ok just give me 100 naira own abeg, make e nor be like say i waste your time, even though you don let my hunger increase”

“Thank you brother, at least we don be customer now”.

I collected my banana my change and still went to the buka opposite my house to eat satana and vegetable soup.  My refusal to  eat banana does not mean it is less important than the food i went for, but at that point i needed that santana badly,  nor blame me na  hunger cause am.

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I have decided to give you some importance of banana that you might not even know, many of us like eating banana but don’t even know its importance and its health benefit. As a fruit, Banana provide numerous health benefit ,it contains Trytophan which is converted to
serotonin and helps overcome depression. It has a low salt concentration and rich in potassium, this helps in reducing the risk to high blood pressure and also helps in preventing heart attack. It gives you energy to and sustains your blood sugar , banana can be eaten raw it helps relieve stomach ulcer.

It helps in the treatment of anaemia, rich in iron, it regulates the hemoglobin levels in the body of man. Do you want to gain weight? then try banana and milk The milk provides you with protein and Banana provides you with natural sugars which is the major source to enhancing weight. It is believed that it is an anti-ageing fruit, it contains nutrients that makes you look younger.

whether it is local or foreign banana like that woman hawking banana made me realize, eat banana today and you will be better for it.

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