Mistakes most guys make when trying to get a woman to like them..


Last time I wrote an article on iolarena on ways to know a guy is just using you for sex and I believe the ladies really learnt a lot from it. I will giving some expositons on mistakes guys make when trying to get a lady to like them. Most often than not, guys make mistakes on trying to get a lady to love them, they pretend to be who and what they are not and if they eventually get the lady, keeping up the standard becomes a difficult thing to do.
I have outlined five mistakes guys make while trying to get a woman to love them and how it can be avoided.

Too nice and showing so much interest: when you meet a lady you are interested in, you become over accommodating and start acting nice (even when you are not). You would do things like laugh at the things she says even though they are not funny. You will agree with everything she says, you are ready to do anything for her, you display general willingness to do anything for her in exchange for her likeness, bros! This is a recipe for failure. Never present yourself as a subservient servant. Once a woman knows you are ready to do anything to be with her, all the challenge is gone and she immediately loses all interest and attraction for you. Instead show a woman that you are a challenge, show her you have personal power and you don’t need to lick her as* in other to get her to love you. Keep your power for you because a woman wants to date a powerful man.


Being possessive too soon: do you know what it feels like when you are in your room and she is out with another of her male friend at work, it’s getting late and you haven’t heard from her for some hours, you try to reach her but she is not picking, you start to obsessively call her, text or stalking her whatsapp or facebok with messages, to be sincere with you, she is not going to think it’s cute, she is going to think its creepy, wait for her to contact you, listen and nod politely to whatever she has to say. If you are green with envy that she was hanging out with another woman other than you, you need to act like she is entitled to her own life, and if you do this is she is going to want to spend even more time with you. Try it. It really works

Too focused on sex: one important fact that must be noted is that Ladies know you have a end game, in fact do you know they will be insulted if you don’t see them as good enough for sex after the first date? However don’t rush, if you rush them or push them into sex, you might push them away and you keep them wondering if all you want from them is just sex or you like their personality.
If you are really interested in a girl and you hope to form a long lasting relationship with her, hold off the pressure, take your time to know other things about her, there are lots of things you can get from a lady aside sex. The moment you prioritize sex, you lose the essential value of the lady . If a lady is serious about you, she will want a proper boyfriend, not a Friday night boyfriend where sex is the only thing that is served.

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Being too easy to please: I once had a personal experience with a lady I was asking out then. I was always ready to do anything for her, I will always shower her with compliment, even when the situation does not demand it, she unconsciously protested saying ‘’one day you go say my shit fine’’. choi! see falling hand.
The truth is that women love compliments, they adored being told they look beautiful, hot, and irresistible in their new dress. But don’t throw out all you nicest words too soon, because you might end up emptying your entire arsenal. If you keep telling her all the nicest things, she thinks you are too insincere and you are doing this for an end game: sex, even that is what you want to achieve, don’t let it show too soon because you might end up losing at both end, and doing all these instantly turns you to one thing, the nice guy or the desperate guy, and trust me no woman wants to date both. Instead make them work for their compliment; compliment goes so much most especially when she feels she has earned them.

Trying to convince her to like you: the truth is that you can never change how a woman feels for you when it comes to attraction. You cannot convince a woman to feel differently about you with logic and reasoning. If a woman doesn’t feel it for you, how in the world do you expect her to change that feeling by being reasonable? When it comes to feeling majority of the ladies out there does not want to be reasonable. But we all do it. When a lady just isn’t interested, we beg, plead, chase and do our best to change her mind. Don’t make a woman change her mind! Bad idea one that will never work.

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