What is your biggest Motivation?

What is your biggest Motivation?

I was listening to a song this morning on the question, what is your biggest motivation?
Apparently the music got me thinking on what my biggest motivation is. A lot of us have been motivated by lots of factors, factors that might be internal or external. The singer claimed that the source of his motivation was the people that told him he will make it in life, those who refused to help him when he needed help, those who told him his hustle will not pay him, he was motivated by the fact that he had families to take care of but he was not financially capable to take care of them, his friends decided to give him fish and not to teach him how to fish. He hated the fact that things were not working the he had expected. In all his greatest motivation is that nobody trusted him to be successful.

There will be times when you feel behind your friends because they seem to have more than you do. This feeling is temporal, Sometimes it seems that everyone has reached their milestone before you, sometimes it is worse when you feel you are older than them and not you are still far behind from reaching your goals, everyone has their time, never let the oil of your engine run low.

A lot of us are motivated by different factors and most of us have lost the source of our motivation, we must strive to be motivated, one of the worst things that can ever happen to one is when you have lost motivation or the source of our motivation.
Times are hard, no one promised us it will ever be easy. We must keep moving until we get there. Motivate yourself, because at the end of the day what matters is what you are able to do with yourself.

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