Why You must Get the book OGBANJE by Dr Caséy Amaefule

Why You must Get the book OGBANJE by Dr Caséy Amaefule
The Book

The eBook, OGBANJE, by Dr Caséy Amaefule, is a collection of medical short stories that are highly thrilling, extremely educating, and unbelievably entertaining.

The stories are often written in a typical hospital setting style of meeting patients – either at the clinic or in emergency rooms.

Why You must Get the book OGBANJE by Dr Caséy Amaefule
The story list

This awesome book breaks down some of the medical problems presented by patients in our environment, especially their SEXUAL AND REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH, but it does so in an easy-to-understand style with an infusion of drama and humour that will leave anyone rocking and asking for more.

It’s a must read.

Pre-order starts on Monday, 30th April, 2018 at N1,999 (35% discount) only for the first 50 persons.

Afterwards it goes for just N2,999 only.

You can’t afford to miss this.


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