Break that chain

Break that chain

There is a chain that is holding on to our destiny, a chain that is not allowing us move towards our desired goal, this chain has stopped a lot of us from achieving our potentials. The goodness in us cannot be seen if this chain is not broken. Sometimes we pray to God to give us the spirit to break it, but we must make up our minds to break it. Yes! We get offended and our egos are crushed by other people, but it’s our responsibility to break the chain, if we don’t break it, we might never pick up the package that God has for us.

You have to let go, you have to forgive yourself, you have to forgive the people in your life, you have to let go of pride, don’t conform yourself to the way people treat you, he was wrong, he must apologize, he must ask for forgiveness, these words have crushed a lot of relationships. In other to have joyfulness, we must walk in forgiveness. Even on the cross while Jesus was been prosecuted, been stoned, while he was still experiencing pain, he said “father forgive them for they do not know what they are doing”.

We may not have the faith to make the blind to see, we may not have the faith to raise the dead, we may not have the faith to make the lame to walk, but we have the strength and the love of God to forgive. The strongest and biggest power we can ever posses is the ability to let go and forgive, that is the highest form of faith. The best way we can strive to be like God is our ability to forgive.


Don’t allow unforgiveness ruin your life, don’t allow it ruin your happiness, don’t allow it ruin the joy that comes to you naturally, the moment you allow it, it affect your existence, it poisons your attitude towards others.

It will not allow you see the goodness in other people. unforgiveness has caused a lot of damages to this generation and the life we live in. It is the reason why nations fight against themselves; it accounts for the high rate of divorce, assassinations and lots more.

When you don’t forgive, we turn our hearts away from God and delay our spiritual growth, we elevate ourselves to the position of the offender and we are psychologically connected to the person. Why would you allow yourself be in that position?

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