Can you love without Respect? (2)

Love is sweet only when it is founded on respect

Can we love someone without Respecting them? What do you think
Respect from a woman

But there is a catch! What I got from my parent which I am thankful for was the respect I go from both of them, they took all that had to do with me with all sense of seriousness, they seemed to trust my decision and opinion on any issue. It was not difficult showing my parent the kind of respect they got from me because of the level of trust I got from them, as the saying goes respect is reciprocal. I have seen families where the love they got from their parent were so intense that they could not allow them leave their sight, they paid more attention to every details about their children, they talked down their children, shouted at them and never respected their opinion, if my parent had done that to me they would have suggested by their actions that I was stupid.

Obviously a friend of mine defined love in such a way that it included respect, according to her, love is a choice and if he chooses to love you then she automatically have decided to respect you. For me I have always believed that we can define both independent of each other. I prefer to say love exist independent of respect and respect exist independent of love, I know this might sound like semantics but it is a possibility. And if I had to settle for any, I would go for respect.

In a parent and children relationship, husband and wife relationship, employer and employee relationship, lecturers and students relationship, respect is absolutely important. Love without respect is absolutely dangerous, it can crush the dignity of the other person, to respect is to understand that I am not you and you are not me, I am not your toy neither am I expected to be. I am me with my individual qualities. in a relationship of respect, your task is to understand me, as a distinct entity with peculiar differences from you, you should not seek to change me in a direction you prefer or I don’t want or seek to control me. This applies more to parent and child relationship.

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Love is sweet only when its foundation is laid on respect; it adds joy to your relationship but it is not all you need, it is not all your children needs, it is not what humanity needs, what we need is respect from our friends, loved ones and distant ones too, even in wars, though your ultimate aim is to crush your enemy, a level of respect is needed. In other to make the world a better place, we need to show respect to those around you. Even if you don’t love me for my actions, decisions and lifestyle, all I require from you is respect.

the end.

What do you think about this article? What have been your experiences with love and respect? Do you think the world can be a better place if we respect each other? If you had to choose between love and respect which one will you choose, love or respect? Does his topic really make sense to you? A lot of people out there believe women wants to be loved and men wants to be respected, don’t you think women wants to be loved and respected at the same time? I want to know what you think about this article, so your views will be valued by me and other readers.

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