Can you love without Respect?

We suffer more when love is not accompanied with respect~ Iwerumor Lawrence

Can we love someone without Respecting them? What do you think
Respect from a woman

It has been argued that the importance of love cannot be over emphasized in our relationships; a lot of my colleagues believes that love no longer exist in a world where materialism has taken over our love for one another, a handful of them believes that true love can still be exhibited even though is it difficult, while many people believe that love and respect go together, others like me believes that respect is more important than love.

I strongly believe in respect more than the kind of love that is been preached in our contemporary society today. The human race is where it is today because of the kind of love we have shown to ourselves, people have done despicable things in the name of love and sometimes this leads me to ask a basic question: Does love still exist?

I was asked by a friend of mine if my mother (of blessed memory) loved me or respected me? For a time I had to wait a bit and pounder on the question. My family was not a big kissing and hugging family, the word love was exclusively used, it was not said. So when I go out and see other people who regular kiss and hug at greeting and goodbyes whether or not they actually love each other I still feel a bit uncomfortable

I have been in relationships where love- Supposedly is expressed in different ways and I trust you must have also been engaged in some relationships too that you feel well to tell yourselves this is love, but has that kind of love stood the test of time? can you look at the person you told you loved ten years ago and still feel that love in its raw form? Relationships break, marriages crash, friendships are betrayed and our love for God is not well exhibited, all these were built on the foundation of love. What then has happened to the Love? Has it changed the meaning over time?


Back to the question, did my mother love me? My mother was not largely educated, she never attended the four walls of the university, but my mother had an intuitive understanding of the value of humility and the dangers of pride, she understood the consequences of allowing me make certain decisions and the advantage of making some decisions for me.

At this point we are tempted to ask, what is love? Can it be equated to feelings? Can the kind of love I have for material things also be the kind of love I have for humanity, my spouse and my parents? my parent provided all I ever wanted up to my university level, until my mum breathe her last I never lacked anything, so I know she loves me.

…to be continued 

What do you think about this article? What have been your experiences with love and respect? Do you think the world can be a better place if we respect each other? If you had to choose between love and respect which one will you choose, love or respect? Does his topic really make sense to you? A lot of people out there believe women wants to be loved and men wants to be respected, don’t you think women wants to be loved and respected at the same time? I want to know what you think about this article, so your views will be valued by me and other readers.

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