Making Nigerian football attractive in a digital age.

Making Nigerian football attractive in a digital age.
Football made in Nigeria

The game of football has evolved and thus entered the digital age as lots of technological advancements are opening up new modalities and growth strategies thereby making the sport more competitive and profit driven. In this digital age, football Leagues around the world have developed new ways to make the sport more competitive on and off the field. Football associations are not left out of this trend, they also continue to evolve. Perhaps, the takeoff of this evolution was after the first ever televised international match between Scotland and England on the 9th April 1938. Since then, there has been a growing generation of football fans around the world, especially in the digital world and Nigeria is not left out.

In the build up to the 2018 world cup scheduled to hold in Russia, there is a need for the Nigeria football administration to chart its own course towards making the game attractive. One of the ways to chart a new course for the game is to engage the most exciting and sophisticated digital technology and manpower in promoting local leagues.

Looking at the game of football in Nigeria, we can say that it has not been fully digitalized, its presence has not been felt in the digital market and this needs to change remarkably. Digital technology can help the game of football in Nigeria attain lofty heights in a short period. The Nigerian football leagues which serve among other things, as a medium of youth engagement in national development is also a reflection of our cherished values. It is for this reason that it needs to be more financially stable and environment friendly for the players, coaches and administrators.

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Sponsorship plays a huge role in the promotion of sports and the opportunities for sponsorship are exceptionally vast, especially football sponsorships in Nigeria which has massive audience waiting to be reached. This passionate-fun seeking audience spread across the globe can only be reached and attracted via digital platforms.

In this regard, social network platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, twitter and others can be helpful with exciting contents to share for the consumption of football fans across the world. To make this a possibility, there is a need to employ specialists in these fields. For the sake of promoting football in Nigerian, our role models such as a J.J okocha, Victor Ikpeba, Kanu Nwakwo and a host of others should be drafted into the advertisement of the round leather game as ambassadors. Without doubt, this move will make the game of football in Nigerian more exciting.

Today, football is made attractive through the instrumentality of the media and social media channels which are effectively facilitated by the internet. This has no doubt become the main source of communication and it is imperative that our sports channels especially should take advantage of the vast benefits of the internet. This will make viewership as well as followership of the football game in Nigeria global as live streaming of football matches as well as highlights of already played games will be possible.