Learn To Pay More Attention to The Needs of Your Wife- Mother

Learn To Pay More Attention to The Needs of Your Wife- My Mother
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I have always said that Education comes in different forms and shades, and one of those kinds of education is becoming responsible as a man, no school system will teach you that. This kind of value is not taught in our universities and colleges. No school will teach you how to take care of your spouse and such was the kind of education I received today from my mum. I was in the seating room with of my laptop reading an article on bellanaija when my mum sat quietly beside and said “Lawrence, I want to advise you”, I was like what does Mama Law want to say again this time, she continued

“When you get married take your time to invest in your family. Nothing will bring you more happiness and prosperity”.

“You must learn to pay more attention to the needs of your wife, if you do that I trust she will give you everlasting happiness.

“There is no need going out with another woman when you have a woman at home”

For a moment I stopped to think why my mum came up to start telling me about relationship and marriage, is she expecting me to get married anytime soon? Well I kept listening to her as she continued

“Law, she called out, one quality you must look out for in a woman is hard work, and woman who is hardworking will be a perfect fit, because sometimes when you are down, she will be there to back you up.

“You don’t need a woman, who will depend on you for everything she needs do not also wait for her to ask you before you give”.

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She paused for a while, then I asked

Mummy, why are you saying all these things?

“She replied I am just saying”.

Then she stood up and left… I am still thinking where all that came from.

Please do you know?

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