At 30, My Dad says I am not yet Ready For Marriage

At 30, My Dad says I am not yet Ready For Marriage
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Dear lawrenzi,
I will be 30 by March 2017 and my dad says I am not yet ready for marriage, he seems not to have any specific reason for this position and I am already losing sense. My boyfriend of 7 years has been patient enough, and we have gone to meet him and to appeal to him and what he kept saying is that when I am ready he would know. unfortunately my mum don’t stay with us and even when she comes around she does not have much say on what happens. Should I move away from the house, please I need your advice.


Dear Horlar,
I really feel your pain at 30, but i must confess that i am deeply worried as to what might the reasons your father has given for not allowing you get married. It would have been a different case entirely if there was no man at in your life, now there is a man who is willing to walk down the aisle with you and a father who is not willing to let that happen. I have some questions for you. Has your father raised any concerns regarding the man you are going out with presently? If he has, then what are his concerns? If he has not, then you have to start thinking of other pragmatic actions because if at 30 he does not want you to get married what guarantee do you have he would allow you get married even when you are 35? now is the time to speak to your dad, now is the time to call everybody close to him, involve your religious leaders. (If he  a christian or Muslim) I am very sure that by the time you take all these measures something positive will come out. I don’t know why your mum does not have any say in this, but trust me she has to involved in this because she will understand how you feel better. Lets start from there first.

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