There is nothing we cannot bear; only that sometimes we try to bear a communal burden alone.

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He made me stab him she said, while narrating what happened. Now she is behind the police station counter while the doctors battle to save her husband’s life due to multiple stabs. My mummy abandoned us and I had to stay with an uncle and he raped me, he threatened to stop paying my fees if I open up and to tell anyone. Today I’m 27 and I’m working but I still live with him and his wife and he still sleeps with me.

While battling to stop patronizing visual psychological torture (porn) I became very frustrated at a point and it all didn’t make sense. Particularly, this scripture “no temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; He will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear…….” I Corinthians 10:13(NIV). At this point of my life I complained about all the short skirts and hot legs that my eyes fell on and wished this world can be a pure place with saints all over.

But the sad reality was “I was the problem”. The world wasn’t my private property where I could command order and sanity it was a global place where everyone was free to make good and bad choices. I have said before that if a man of God after sleeping with the young lady now say “ you have marine spirit” my simple question is where is the Christ in you that didn’t see it until pants down? My dear MOG kindly get help its important.

I continue

I found it difficult to accept the above mention passage but with time passing, exposure to knowledge and the Holy Spirit it happen upon me that in that verse the words were “He will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear” not “you will not be tempted more than you can pray about”. Matthew Femi Adedoyin once said “you can’t prayer yourself out of what you behaved yourself into” and from firsthand experience I have found this to be purely true.

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The above verse there was clear but I didn’t see it. It meant that every and any temptation that comes our way we by design at redemption have the power to bear and over come. Bear there indicates working through. So after it dawned on me that this is a free world and everyone can’t conform to my image I realized that I had place the blame card on the wrong table. It was about me not them. I had lust deep within my soul and all that was needed to root it out was mine to bear says the scripture.

In the cases (the woman and abused lady) above you will see clearly that the woman had her husband to blame for an offense she committed, the lady still holds her mum responsible for her predicament at 27. Many are like the former me and these two individuals; we go through things and quickly find a comfortable way to push the blame it doesn’t make us bad. Some will say “he deserved my insult, he pissed me off! And I didn’t slack in telling him my mind”.

What is not known here is that you have voluntarily placed the control of your attitude in the hands of others. We often dump on God the things that he has proposed that we bear and deal with; what he said was “in all your ways acknowledge me and I WILL DIRECT YOUR PATH”.

Everything that you have ever gone through was all part of the plan I found this interesting. Look at this “for God hath concluded them all in unbelief, that he might have mercy upon all” – Romans 11:31 (KJV) So before hand he had planned that you will be hurt and will find healing because you were made strong enough to go through it. It wall all part of the plan for us to sin, for it is because of sin that salvation is meaningful; but to however reject salvation at the appointed time is to risk never having it.


There is nothing we cannot bear; only that sometimes we try to bear a communal burden alone. If you have deep issues please talk to some and get help you are not the only one around here with issues. Whoever condemns you was never worth your time in the first place.

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