My Friend is Exchanging Love Text Messages With The Lady I want to Marry

Worried Guy

Hi Lawrenzi,

Good day, I want to talk to you since you are a guy, you would understand better, I had I girl I had liked for the past three years now, and when I asked her out she told me she is in a serious relationship and she could not afford to double date, so she advised I leave her and look for somebody else, sincerely I like the girl, I want to really marry her. Earlier in June I met her again and this time, she was no longer with the guy, I took her out on a date, and we got talking , we talked about her relationship with her ex, and I told her about my intention too. I explained how difficult it has been living without her.

She agreed we were going to be friends first before anything serious can happen between both of us, I agreed to that agreement with the hope that if I play my cards well she will be mine. We became close that I knew I was almost getting to where I want to be in her life.

Lawrenzi, I made the biggest mistake of my life and right now I am mad at myself, I just hope I will forgive myself for this. I introduced her to a friend I just met. When I asked my friend what was his view about the girl, he told me she is not beautiful that she does not match my standard, he said, “I will not deceive you my brother, that girl does not deserve you, I have observed her, she is dirty, and lacks manners how did you even meet her?’’

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Because of what my friend said, I stopped talking to her for a while and stopped calling her too, I felt my friend had seen what I never saw, so I stopped the advances I was making at her. She also stopped calling me too.

To cut the long story short, I went to my friend’s place to see him, I took his phone and I was going through his pictures, I saw the lady’s pictures on his phone, I asked him what could her picture be doing his phone and he told me that she sent him the pictures, when I asked him why, my friend did not give me reasonable answer.

Out of curiosity I checked my friend’s phone and I realized that they have been exchanging text messages all the times I have been out of contact, not just ordinary text messages, and love text messages. What do you think I do?
(Your Reader from Akure)

My dear,

My friend I am going to be straight forward with you, I quite commend your patience in waiting a for three years to get what you want, it shows that you were really serious in getting what you want, you even clearly stated that you would want to marry this lady in question, whao! That is huge, hope you are ready?

But I am surprised at is why you would listen to what the new friend you just met had to say concerning somebody you have wanted for so long? To me it is was not a safe step at all, how could you have waited to get something in three years just to lose it in the space of a year. You have gotten what you wanted almost within your grasp only to listen to someone you barely know, how sad.

Here is my advice, talk to your friend about it ask him what is really going, at least you deserve to know, he knew the lady through you so you need to know what is going on. If they are already going out then I suggest you just forget about it, you have learnt your lessons. Who knows maybe she is not even yours after all.

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