Be Careful of the Things You Share on Social Media- Please Read this Story


It is very important we are very careful with the things we post on our social media, yes the truth is that the social media is a great tool for interaction and it makes the world a smaller place since it allows friends and families to stay in touch, share information and stay up to the latest news and other vital information, it has the capability of creating an impression (negative or positive) on the minds of your friends and families and even your potential employers. This was my case when i went for a Job interview on 10th October 2016.

It was the second time I was going for an interview since I finished my NYSC but, it took me by shock when one of the interviewers asked me to provide my social Media account, it was the least I expected of a proper interview, after a brief silence, I gave him my Facebook name, which was different from the name on my C.V, I thought it was not a big deal though.

Two weeks before the interview I had not been on any of my social media platform, so I had no idea of what they were looking for though, but I kept my cool.

Are you Danosky babyface? the interviewer asked

‘’Yes sir” I replied

At this point I became anxious of what he must be doing on my Facebook page.

“You seemed to hate the Nigeria system so much that you believe the only way to change the precarious situation of this country is through revolution, when you say revolution, what do you mean by revolution?”


The seat became hot, not because I could not answer the question, but hot because what would their perception of me be? Would they see me as? Someone who is here to revolt against the company or a freedom fighter? These questions went through my mind in the space few seconds I had to answer the question.

I immediately gathered momentum and gave the dumbest answer I have ever gave in my entire life

“Sir, I think revolution is what we need to get things good again”
That that point, the other woman said that will be all for now, Mr. Daniel we will give you a call shortly.

Then I stood up and left, I just pray they call me, but if they don’t, I left the room with a lesson, your social media account is very important if employer want to take you seriously.

My View
This is the first time I am getting to know about interviewers checking your social media account in your presence; I know many employers of Labour do this secretly, but not in front of a prospective employee, but either ways I think you have said it all it is very important we take into consideration what we post on our social media account. Thanks for sharing Mr. Daniel

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