You Are Not Destined To Be poor, You Choose To Be!

Your decision

All fingers are not equal, some are born to be rich while some are born to be poor was what  a man said today while I was on a bus coming from Asaba to Benin,  what must have made him come to this unfair  and unreasonable conclusion? He continued “if all of us become rich, who will serve the other?” At this point I became infuriated at the fickle mindedness of this man, from his looks he should be in his late 40s or early 50s. How did he get to the level of thinking that for a society of work harmoniously, some of its citizen must be poor while some must be rich? Why can’t all of us be rich  and lack nothing? If It is true that all fingers are not equal, then why didn’t he strive to be the longest of the fingers?

My friends, the truth is that, nobody in life is destined to be poor and struggle to earn a living. It is very true that some persons were born with a Silver spoon; I am not disputing that fact. But it is also true that a whole lot of persons also never tasted what it is to be rich, but through hard work, they were and still able to rewrite their family history. So why can’t you? Majority of the richest men today were born poor, I am very sure you know some of them, some were even school dropout, some  never had financial means  to go to school and yet they still made it in life. What is stopping you?

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Majority of us have relegated ourselves to the background, choosing to serve instead of to be served, we have decided to be political hallelujah boys and girls, bowing down at the sight of someone who gives us a dollar, how shameful can that be?
It is nobody’s fault that the man in question choose to use the illustration of inequality of the finger in demonstrating his financial state, but in truth nobody should use that to justify his or her present state. To me it is sinful.

A lot of persons are carrying burdens; a lot of persons have lost the grace of God to make it in life, just because of one mistake or the other. But that does not mean it will be the end of the road, I don’t want to speak like a pastor or a preacher, but in all truth, a lot of events in our lives must be stopping or must have stopped a lot of us from reaching our desired goal, many persons have lost the connections that connects them to their heavenly rewards and they seem not to find solution to their struggles. You can start doing something fruitful today, your present financial state should not be an excuse while you should remain poor in life. The truth is that if you don’t make a change now your generations might suffer for it. I don’t need to start telling what you can do or what you should do, there are principles which i know works for everybody. The principle of hard work, persistence and prayer.

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Nothing good comes easy, for you to have a joyful story to tell at the end, you must put in lot of work in anything you do, in as far it pays or it has the tendency of paying you, then you don’t have to relent. Rome they say was not built in day, so your success story will not be made in a day. Before a child start walking, he/she must learn how to crawl, and if you must run, you must learn how to walk. Life is a process and if you work hard enough, you shall surely celebrate and be celebrated.

The principle of Persistence is a property of being, it is the fact of continuing in an opinion or course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition, obstacles,discouragement. persevering in face of trials. On most cases, there are thorns on our way to  achieving great goals in life, but our ability to surmount  those challenges really defines who we are.

The principle of prayer cannot be extricated from our daily affair and activities, we must learn to commit every of our steps into the hands of God, because he alone is the author and the finisher of our faith. A life without prayer is a directionless life. God has a way of doing things miraculously. Prayer is an important ingredient that  propels us to greatness. Like i have always said, faith and works go hand in hand, one cannot work effectively without the other.

It is time you realize your purpose in life. According to Dr Oyedepo, things are getting difficult and things might even get worse than it is now, but you can get an exception letter.
You must realize that you are not destined to lack in life, I believe that the principle of hard work applies to everybody, If you must enjoy the benefit that comes with it. Resolve to make a positive change today and let your generation yet unborn remember you. Wishing you success in all your endeavour.

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