7 Unpleasant things Men do to the Women they claim to love . Num 4 will make you laugh!

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Love to many people mean different things, even though it is define differently by people, it has not lost its universal meaning and definition. There are different ways we show love at different levels. sadly though, the word love has lost its meaning and i wish there is something we can do to rescue LOVE from the abuse it is experiencing presently.

 I want to quickly apologize to you for your inability to subscribe to our mailing list and our bbm channel, we are working towards addressing all issues as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding. Now, back to what we are talking about. I was actually moved to put down this  after what a friend told me yesterday about the way  he loves his babe and the way he shows it, trust me they can be different, I have promised not to put his name here and i am sure he is reading this. One of the things he did is stated in this write up, others are based on what i have seen and from a personal point of view.

1) Ask you for s3x; babe, if he loves you, he will never ask you to do it with him, infact, to him that will be the last item on the table to be served. So the moment he tell you he “wants to do” please walk out of the relationship. I don’t even blame some guys sef, some girls are ready to give it without too much stress .

2)Cheats on you “especially with your friend”; the thing can pain ehh nor be small, i am very sure you must have seen, heard or even experience this one, it is even more painful when the the girl he cheated on you with is your friend. Haba! boys! and some girls will be like, if you see a snake and you see a man, kill a snake first before you kill a man like say dem nor dey cheat. But the truth is that if he loves you, he will never cheat on you with any woman. so give him a red card the moment to catch him.

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3) Looking at another woman when you are by his side; abi wetin you want make i talk, looking they say is free, but not when you boo is by your side. Haba!how can your babe be by your side and you are looking at another momma. abeg if you see him distracted again next time, then you are free to talk to lawrenzi about it.

4) Claim to be single when you are still in his life; how would you fell when you go through his chat and you see something like, i am still single baby and i want you to come and complete me. choi! you feel like spanking his head in anger. But you don’t need to get angry, Just give yourself a brain, it will do you a lot of good.

5)He is not always there when you need him; That point when you need your man to be there for you materially or emotionally and he tells you he is busy, he does not even make out time for you but its is easier for him to tell you to come to the house, but when he comes to him taking that bold step to show you he cares, his number will be on voice mail. Sister you don’t need a prophet to tell you that you are sitting on a time bomb. with time, trust me, it will explode.

6)He assaults you; for me there are two types of assault, emotional assault and physical assault, no time for stories, leave him immediately unless you want to be an emotional punching bag.

7)He does not pray for you; If your man does not go down on his kneels to say a few words of prayer on your behalf then you must start thinking of your next line of action. I know you have reservation,but it is simple a man who loves you will always pray for you shikena!


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