Your future is spotless

let he who without sin be the first to cast a stone.


I know a lot of people whose head are always down because of the shame their past has brought them, some can’t even talk comfortably in public just because of one or two mistakes that has made them lost integrity, some are wetting their pillow with tears every time they remember their mess, we have several cases of husbands whose kingship has been lost, just because of one night with the house maid, I know guys whose only option is to disappear when they come across their ex babes because the quality of their lies and deception has brought them thick garment of shame, most especially when the lady is doing fine.

Also some ladies will just faint if they see some men again, or imagine you met a sister in church that you love and she never told you she is got a rough a past. Now, you are with her at the cinema and you saw your secondary school best friend, hugged yourselves and you felt like your introducing fiance and this is the lady your friend left after four abortions with the fear that she can’t have a child again.

Don’t let make news by saying we all are totally saint, let he who without sin be the first to cast a stone. But we can make front-line story by changing some of our ways and letting those days be a lesson to us and others, our lives can be better if we allow those things that weighs us down make way for things that lifts us up.

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A lot of things that is making some people cry now is what some call fun and sure they won’t escape the cry, but you can help them reduce the tears by creating a better image of yourself and shaming your experience, so many people find it difficult because they know their story will mock them.

If you are better now, your life will be too clean to be mocked, no matter how dirty your past is, your future is spotless, so spend no time in regretting the dirty past but all time preparing for a spotless future and invite me when the good is on, surely I would be there.

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